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What is Customer First Commerce?

There is a lot of pressure on grocers because of how much your customer needs and expectations have been changing, especially over the past 12 months. The digital and physical worlds of shopping are fusing together creating the need to meet customers where they are with online, mobile, digital, curbside pickup and delivery. This requires a more enhanced approach to serving your customers and what you need to do to service them the way they want and need. Implementing these upgrades efficiently and effectively are where we know a lot of grocers are struggling and we can help.

Customer First Commerce

Most of you probably have eCommerce going in some way but does it offer the ability for you to maximize your customer engagement through online, mobile, in-store, pickup and delivery? Does it allow you ownership of your customer relationships, brand, and data through all of those customer touch points?

We have a platform built for customer-first commerce!  It enables a customer-oriented shopping experience  with enhancements such as:​

  • Shoppable recipes and how-to videos with a click of a button
  • Shopping – including promotions, substitutions and merchandizing based on their diet type
  • Artificial Intelligence driven upsell opportunities utilizing past shopping habits and items
  • Frictionless shopping making fulfillment easy and profitable

Some of you may be just starting down the path of your digital transformation. Some of you may already be addressing these changing needs with solutions that eat heavily into profit margins.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are with your transformation, we can help you figure out the best path forward based on your current situation and your goals.

We can talk with you at a convenient time about what this means conceptually and to your organization.  You can email us or fill out our contact form to get the conversation started.

Increase your customer loyalty and give them an experience that separates you from your competition.​ We look forward to connecting soon!

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Local Israeli Supermarket Chain Realizes Market Resilience

Helping a local Israeli supermarket chain achieve market resilience with a scalable online grocery solution

Keshet Teamim operates a network of 17 large neighborhood grocery stores in Central Israel. For more than 12 years Keshet Teamim has provided its customers with a wide range of fresh, high-quality food products with an international flavor, matched by a cosmopolitan in-store shopping experience.

The ability to offer customers the convenience of buying online was key to staying competitive, growing its bases, and keeping existing customers loyal. Having made various attempts to “go online” in the past, Keshet Teamim worried that doing this independently would be expensive and slow. As a smaller business in a competitive field, their dream solution would provide fast time to market and a quick return on investment. Ideally, too, it would require relatively low CAPEX and OPEX and allow the business resources to stay focused on its core business: serving its customers.

Faced with this “shopping list”, Keshet Teamim turned to who was more than capable of delivering the goods. allows our client to sell their entire range of products online and to scale up quickly and agilely without requiring additional human resource and operational drain.

As an A-Z solution, gives Keshet Teamim everything they need to operate their online grocery business – from the UX/UI of the customer-facing website to the backend: POS integration, picking, and fulfillment, all the way to delivery.

The platform enables Keshet Teamim to focus on growing its online business. Self Point does all the heavy-lifting and automates time-consuming manual processes – so all Keshet Teamim’s team needs to do is execute and fulfill customer orders.

Today, Keshet Teamim uses’s customer first commerce solution to provide its customers with a slick online shopping experience.

Thanks to’s innovative Picking App, fulfillment is seamless, cost-effective, and scalable. The Picking App is super intuitive so pickers can start using it with no prior training, and it automatically sends out real-time messages, enabling shoppers to independently choose alternatives (for out-of-stock items) without needing to speak to a customer rep.

In the words of Roi Vanunu, CIO at Keshet Teamim “Every grocery business is a unique enterprise with unique merchandising requirements and operational processes. There is almost always a learning curve, however, with Self Point it was quick and friction-free. (FKA Self Point) worked closely with our client’s team to ensure any issues were quickly ironed out, such as synchronizing our system with our client’s “specials”.

Keshet Teamim’s goal of running a profitable and scalable online retail business is now achievable with our platform. They already have a profitable eCommerce business and saw online sales jump 300% during the corona pandemic. Their online store is already their biggest selling store and has already hit the chain’s annual targets.

Our End-to-End Ecommerce Platform has helped Keshet Teamim increase their customer base by 40% in just 4 weeks after deployment. Today they serve new customers in geographical locations where they don’t have bricks and mortar stores and a business that is future-proof and more resilient than ever.

Keshet Teamim has been in the grocery eCommerce business for more than 10 years: “We believe any chain that does not kill it online, and especially during this current corona period, will either not survive, or will barely survive. eCommerce is the future of grocery retail, our children will not ever go into the supermarket. We estimate 80-90% of grocery shopping will be online in a few years.” Says the CIO, Roi.

To find out how you could become our next success story, contact us