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Digital Marketing Tips for Grocery Retailers

eCommerce has grown in recent years to encompass everything from retail items to services, and groceries are no exception. As of April 12, Bain & Co. has reported a six percent increase in online grocery sales thanks to the global health crisis. This trend is also likely to continue long after the health crisis tides over, owing to the flexibility online shopping provides.

Of course, digital marketing is a necessary requirement for navigating this new landscape. Even for groceries that aren't on board with eCommerce just yet, digital marketing is a necessary tool to expand customer bases and make your services more accessible. Below are a few key digital marketing tips for grocery retailers.Digital Marketing tips for Grocers

Share updated discounts and price reductions
Discounts are one of the best marketing tactics for any grocery store, and they're also a great way to attract new customers. The constant updates on social media and other channels makes them the perfect platform to announce discounts and start countdowns to sales. As with in-person promotions, looking for a partner to offer certain discounts or promos means that you can leverage your partner's social media presence too. Digital marketing also allows you to create engaging materials like interactive Instagram stories and Twitter polls to promote your discounts.

Hire a professional digital marketer
Modern marketing has a lot of facets and it can be difficult to learn everything on the job, especially if it's not your forte. And with marketing such a key component to any company’s success, many will only hire those with an educational background on the subject. This is because marketing degree graduates spend a large part of their time dedicated to topics such as interactive and digital marketing, consumer behavior, product development, business policies, as well as statistics. Such education gives them a foundation in the strategic, financial, and operational sides of the industry — which is precisely why they’ve become so invaluable in today's increasingly digital economy. And with most of today’s marketers going through university, even those just graduated will have expert knowledge. This means even a grocery retailer with a limited budget will be able to gain an employee with good marketing ideas. For instance, a digital marketer will help your team craft actionable content plans that you can implement across different platforms.

Focus on SEO
Having good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices will allow your brand to get to the top of search lists. This is an extremely useful marketing tactic considering that many users often rely on Google searches as a way to find reputable services. In connection to the previous point, a good marketing company can help you conduct a keyword search to determine what potential consumers are searching for (like "best grocery stores" or "fresh groceries near me"). From there, you can build your website's content pages based on such keywords. Indeed, building your website to create relevant content can help search algorithms display your site as a reputable search item: think recipe posts, helpful shopping guides, and more.

Encourage engagement
One of the best things about digital marketing is that you're able to interact with your customers in real-time. Many of your customers are on social media, with the comments section as a common place to air out concerns or give suggestions to the company. It's important to constantly engage with these comments. Even doing something as simple as saying 'thank you' for a nice comment shows that your company values customer engagement. That said, social media shouldn't be your only recourse to talk to customers: if needed, you can also send a quick comment to redirect them to customer helplines for those with huge concerns.

We at stor.ai believe that the digital landscape provides ample room for grocery stores to innovate and grow their services. These digital marketing tips can help you grow your business tenfold and ensure your customer base remains strong.