Advanced Marketing and Automation Tools

We have several features to help you with marketing. With every customer order you will learn what you customers demand from you and how to serve each one of them based on their needs helping to make you customer experience stand and out and second to none!

Show Your Customer You are Paying Attention

You have real time communications during the order to help with substitutions and upsells. Everything your ecommerce will do, will be based on your relationship with your customer.

This includes:

  • Dietary and personal preference recommendations
  • Personalized Search when they go looking for items – it will already account for preferences
  • One-Click recipes – they find something they like, it will add all the items to their cart with a single click
  • Digital merchandising based on customer order history and preferences
  • Ability to send email and SMS marketing based on transactions, history, abandoned cart, customer satisfaction and more

Are marketing and automation tools can be tailored to your organization and the customer experience you want to deliver.  You will learn from our AI and BI reports what you could be doing so you get more efficient and effective with each customer with every order.