Your Customer Relationship Extends through your Fulfillment Process

Your eCommerce experience isn’t finished with your customer once their order is placed.  You can really enhance your relationship with them based on how your fulfillment is handled

Increase Revenues and Customer Satisfaction

From the hundreds to thousands of grocers we have talked too, there are been a common theme. One area they all talk about that is lacking, especially from full service providers such as Instacart and Shipt is fulfillment with the customer.

Your fulfillment handles more communication and interaction with your customer and is typically the last impression they have from their order with you.  Important pieces of the customer experience are present here such as:

  • Communication for when substitutions are needed
  • Making sure the order is accurate
  • Ensuring their order is on-time for pick up or delivery

We have features that help you manage this and your fulfillment team and processes ensuring this part of your ecommerce strategy provided you advantages and helps build your customer loyalty.