Welcome FMI Midwinter Visitors!

As most of you have experienced, and probably some of you at warp speed due to the events of 2020, the digital and physical worlds of shopping are fusing together. This is requiring a different approach to serving your customers and what you need to do, especially efficiently and effectively.

You need a platform that not only manages your online relationship with your customers, but aids with customer engagement, enhances digital merchandising, makes shopping easy (frictionless) and helps operational efficiency with in fulfillment.

This is the new reality that we all face on some level. We understand that most of you have pieces to this puzzle done well already. Some of you may be just starting down the path of one of these items or are accomplishing these things in ways that eat heavily into profit margins. Whatever your situation, we can help you figure out the best path forward based on your current situation and needs you want to address.

Our own Matt Walker will be discussing these concepts at high level during his presentation and we will make that presentation available after the fact with a link here for your viewing (once it is available).

Session: Focus on Ecommerce
Date: Monday January 25th
Time: 1:30-2:15pm

If you missed this session, you can connect with Matt at FMI MidWinter by shooting him a message via the DirectConnect platform anytime during the conference or

We can talk with you at a convenient time about what this means conceptually and to your organization.  You can email Matt with your questions and about setting up a time discuss further.

 Thank you for your interest in stor.ai!