Are Picking & Fulfillment "Bottlenecks" Affecting Your Customer Experience?

Our app and dashboards will releave that pressure and provide efficiencies

You can do single or batch picking, store mapping, department based segmentation, real-time customer communication, substitutions based on customers profiles and previous buying habits and see it all from dashboards to analyze these for constant improvement. These functions can be a stand alone solution that connects to your current system or be part of an entire platform integration from

How it Works

"Fulfillment in a Box" is the #1 in-store fulfillment solution for retailers with 5 main elements:

Why We're "Out of the Box"

Picking Apps claim to lower costs of fulfillment, but only’s “Fulfillment in a Box” solves the 3 main pains of eCommerce transformation:

Fast Ramp-up

10 minutes to train your pickers

Seamless Scale up

From 1 picker to 1000, rapidly, efficiently, without compromising quality

Higher Value Per Order

As you scale, your time and cost per order decreases, and profitability increases

Benefits to You:

"Fulfillment in a Box" improves margins on every order while delivering a frictionless picker experience that increases efficiency by 50% and more. Retailers start saving money and time from the get-go, providing rapid "time to value." With our easy-to-scale fulfillment solution, expansion is painless and limitless.

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