Zone and Batch Picking can add an efficiencies for your fulfullment

If you have a larger footprint store(s), being able to plan out your picking routes and have your fulfillment resources not spend time waiting can make a world of difference for your organization

Zone or Batch Picking and Departmental scheduling will add to your productivity and profitability.

Sometimes your in store merchandising that is meant to drive the consumer throughout your store, can be counter productive to your picking and fulfillment operation.  This is when you might consider zone pickers.

A zone picker becomes an expert in an area of your store – like pet food or beverages.  It makes the faster because they are able to locate items more quickly. When you have busy days with lots of orders, having someone that can quickly pick 4-6 orders from a “zone” or particular department or area is extremely helpful for productivity and substitutions. This could be a strategy you chose to employ all the time if you are busy enough.

When it comes to “departments”, you have full service departments such as meat/butcher, deli, bakery and possibly specialty like flowers or pharmacy.  With our application, when a picker starts an order, your departments with items for that order are notified to “prep” those items because the order is “in process”.  When they complete their items for that order, those departments can then let the picker know their items from their department are ready through the app in real time and then the picker can swing by and get them.

This reduces wasted waiting by your pickers and helps your full service departments fill time when they don’t have an active customer at their counter.  This also aids in the department being able to contact the customer if a substitution is needed for their item as well and it is handled all without the picker having to “wait”.