Fulfullment Solution for Shopify Sellers

Picking and fulfillment affect your customer experience, staff management and average order value - all of which impact profitability.

Our app and dashboards will help you identify & solve problem areas, provide additional efficiencies, and provide a path to profitability.

Shiopify ecommerce fulfillment

Our comprehensive picking and fulfillment solution is easy to onboard, can scale with you as your needs change and mature, allows real-time customer communication and helps your store and enterprise learn from every order you pick and fulfill.  You can also use this as part of our whole solution or add the picking and fulfillment solution to your current eCommerce platform.

Wondering what you get with our picking and fulfillment solution?

Our  picking and fulfillment solution for retailers provides several key elements:

What makes our picking and fulfillment solution your ideal solution?

It solves all your critical fulfillment challenges and allows for scalability.

Fast Ramp-up

10 minutes to train your pickers and data to aid making them more efficient with every order.

Seamless Scale up

From 1 picker to 1000, with single, batch, zone, full service department scheduling and integration with fulfillment staging or centers and last mile partners.

Profitability increases

As you scale, your time and cost per order decreases. You also gain data that helps you with more accuracy, high units per hour (UPH) picked, and less lost revenue.

Benefits to You Include:

  • Real-time controlling and monitoring tools
  • Multi picking methods (single, batch/zone)
  • Departmental order scheduling based on products/planogram if larger footprints
  • Staff productivity and accuracy tracking
  • Tools to aid you in scheduling and scaling staff based on order volume
  • Semi-Automated digital customer communications based on their preferences
  • Integration with service providers and fulfillment centers
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