Single, Multiple & Batch / Zone / Departmental Picking

You have never seen a picking and fulfillment solution as easy as ours.  It allows you to set up whatever picking methods you need, save time by sending orders to full service departments in advance as your pickers start an order, and offers real-time communication with customer during the fulfillment process to aid with substitutions and your customer experience.

The most advanced yet easy to use picking and fulfillment solution for your stores.

We know that fulfillment and picking create bottlenecks for a lot of grocers. Our advance solution only take minutes to train on, streamlines the complete in-store picking process.

We offer single, batch/zone, cluster picking and you can have your full service departments (deli, meat, bakery, specialty) be notified when a picker with an order for their department starts and order so they can prepare it and notify the picker when it ready so they can just stop by and pick it up without having to wait.