Building Your Digital Strategy with the Right Platform will Lead to Exceeding Growth Expectations

One of our Grocers needed to get their eCommerce and digital strategy in place to help them stay ahead of the competition. They used the data, marketing, and customer focused features on our platform to help them exceed any expectations they had for eCommerce, which also led to total revenues far exceeding their expectations. Get the Case Study!  

This 45 location grocer grew their eCommerce 250% and their overall revenues 26.5% in less than a two-year period. When most grocers experience single-digit overall growth, they used our enhanced features of personalization, marketing automation, and customer-focused omnichannel experiences to boost their revenues. They also saw their profitability increase with the use of our picking and fulfillment solutions to help their labor be more efficient and accurate.

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case study Tiv Taam

6 Areas that are key to developing personalized experiences for your shoppers which is what they expect in today's marketplace:

  • Eliminate 3rd Party Dependencies
  • Ownership of Your Customer Data
  • eCommerce Integration with Internal Systems
  • Merging In-Store and Online Experiences
  • Monetizing your relationship with your CPG’s
  • Improve The Last-Mile Experience

Retailers face huge challenges and opportunities which can make it tempting to turn to  third-party solutions. Grocers that thrive will be those that independently manage to successfully build their own capabilities and offer effortless, eye-popping experiences across channels.  Want to see how this is done?  CLICK HERE to schedule your demo!