July 2022 Stor.ai Survey Report

How 2022 Made Grocery Shoppers More Price-Conscious

Inflation, supply chain challenges, and changing consumer expectations have combined to create a reality in which shoppers are growing more and more sensitive about the cost of grocery shopping. Stor.ai’s latest report demonstrates how customers are increasingly thinking twice before committing to higher-cost purchases, and grocery retailers must heed this message that customers value convenience, but cost is king.

Stor.ai surveyed over 1,000 shoppers to better understand how inflation and rising financial strain have affected their grocery shopping habits.

Download this report for data-driven insights on the following key topics:

  • How consumers’ attitudes toward saving money have changed in light of this year’s financial trends
  • Shoppers’ priorities when it comes to maximizing value for money from their grocery shopping
  • How rising costs affect shoppers’ preferences when choosing whether to shop online or in-store

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Key Conclusions

Cost is King: Shoppers are more price-conscious now than in the past. They’ll think more carefully about where they shop and what they buy, and that’s going to have significant ramifications on how grocers conduct their business. Online shopping is already mired in turmoil over its ability to deliver profits consistently, and customers rolling back their spending exacerbates this issue.

Grocery retailers looking to align themselves with customer expectations will have to take changing customer preferences on board, meaning that they’ll have to dig in hard with value-for-money and optimized user experiences, whether shoppers are interacting with retailers in store or online.

Fueling Fears

A significant proportion of US shoppers – close to one-third (29%) – are also feeling the pinch from rising gas prices. Not wanting to drive to grocery stores may add impetus to the need to provide value-for-money delivery services.

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