Reasons why you should be evaluating Instacart as your digital commerce solution

Replace Instacart

You have risks by using Instacart because you don’t have control, especially over your customer. Now is the time for you take that control back. With the stor.ai platform, we ensure all of the below bullets become non-issues for you because they are part of the solution you can get with us.

Using Instacart as your digital grocery solution inhibits your success by:

  • Lost ownership of your customer data & brand when your customers buy online
  • Reduced revenue potential – most Instacart grocers are only seeing 1-3% of their revenues from digital where our grocers constantly see 6-10%
  • Limitations with personalization and marketing which are proven to increase AOVs (our grocers have seen 50% increases on average with their digital commerce)
  • Lack of control of your customer experience, communication and quality of their purchase experience
  • Lack of integration with your other systems (POS, Loyalty), etc

As the grocery industry projects online becoming 20+% of overall revenues, you need to consider order to maximize that growth and eliminate more risk  and lost opportunity the longer you stay with Instacart.

We would love to show you what you are missing.  Find out more by connecting with our sales team:

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