We have carefully selected our global retail industry partners for end-to-end solutions

Grocery and retail have been around for a lot longer than we have. We have built relationships with some of the retail industry’s most trusted solution providers because we don’t do everything and you have needs for solutions beyond what we provide. We also know there are needs you have beyond our platform and having someone that we trust to help you that we can recommend is part of us being a good partner to you.

We have some of the worlds best technology and innovative retail solution providers as partners

Toshiba POS

Toshiba is the global market share leader in retail store technology – both hardware and software. We have full two-way integration with their POS system.

microsoft partner


Our platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure servers and we have a collaborative engagement with Microsoft to that helps in delivering marketplace-led commerce.

Unilever & Shopo

Unilever is a world leader in CPG products having over 400 brands, in 150 countries.

TRAX Retail

Trax is the driving force of the store of the future. The world’s top consumer goods companies and retailers use our cloud platform to gain the power to see what happens at shelf and the agility to delight shoppers in new ways.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. They help with customer relationships just like we do for our Grocers.  It’s about keeping customers happy no matter where they are and how the purchase.

Card Knox

Cardknox is the leading, developer-friendly payment gateway integration provider for in-store, online, or mobile transactions – hassle-free.

Acceo Logivision

Designed specifically for high-speed retail, ACCEO Logivision POS software is adapted for supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores and specialty food stores.


Bringoz’s technology enables real-time, automated delivery capabilities. Their planning, scheduling and route optimization features help manage multiple delivery needs such as same/next day, on-demand, last mile, first mile, distribution and returns.



Bringg’s mission is to help companies scale up and optimize their customer experiences and logistics operations.

Their cloud/Saas platform connects, automates and orchestrates supply chain technology, people and providers.



Tortoise’s electric delivery cart is a newer, cost-effective way to deliver groceries and goods to highly populated urban areas where customers are within a 4-6 block radius.