Don't let revenues go into someone else's basket.

It’s your opportunity to help your customers and make some additional residual income by referring them to our end-to-end, state-of-the-art eCommerce grocery solution. You’ll be glad you did. (formerly known as Self Point) is a full-service eCommerce and picking app platform for grocers that enables infinite scalability and stellar user experience.

Our platform empowers retailers to quickly establish their online presence, deliver an excellent end-user experience and scale as their business grows in the online space. From just a few locations to 100’s of locations, our solution is flexible and affordable enough for any size customer with two main areas it addresses eCommerce and In-store picking.

​We have a year-end promotion that creates a great opportunity for you and your customers (or even your prospects) that they will thank you for bringing to them.

​Now through January 31, 2021 new (formerly Self Point) customers will receive:

  • 50% deferred on-boarding costs (typically $1,250-$1,750 deferred per store) until 90 days of use has transpired
  • ZERO SaaS or transaction fees for first 90 days of use

Most importantly, is the residual income for the lifetime of the customer you receive by referring them to Rob Rinke – your channel sales manager. It’s a win-win for you and your customers by introducing them to our platform. Fill out the form to the upper right to get started…

End-to-end digital commerce solutions to help your customers

With over 300 retailers and growing on our robust platform, fulfilling millions of orders, and handling hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions, we’re there to support and enable grocers business and growth. You can help you customers be a part of the evolution.