Make a residual income by becoming a platform reseller

Looking for some aggressive and hungry companies looking to expand their relationships with their clients in grocery, retail, c-stores with a residual-based opportunity to work with us.

Reseller Wanter

Are you currently offering technology solutions to grocers, convenience stores, or entities that need digital commerce solutions (Picking, Order Fulfillment, Last Mile Delivery etc)?

We are looking for long-term partners to help us sell into these channels that have familiarity with technology-based solutions and might be doing something with them on that front already (like point-of-sale or loyalty programs).

We have a leading eCommerce, picking and fulfillment platform that bring in personalization, marketing automation, CPG advertising capabilities and the data to help any of these business thrive with digital commerce.

If you are interested in making a solid residual income while expanding your relationship with clients your already talk to and work with, then lets talk further about what we can do together.  Fill out the form to the right to get started.

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