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What’s Helping Grocery Retailers Most During the COVID-19 Crisis?

During the current global pandemic, CPGs, grocery retailers and supermarkets are playing a vital role in our societies. From truck drivers and logistics staff to those serving customers, their employees have been thrust into the frontlines and are doing a heroic job. We salute them all.

At the same time, grocery businesses are experiencing a huge boom in revenues, as they continue to provide food and essential supplies to people - both from their “bricks and mortar” stores and online channels. As millions of people shelter at home, grocery stores with e-commerce channels are proving their weight in gold – now more than ever. For many, online grocery ordering and door-to-door delivery is not just a convenience, it is a matter of survival. This is true for vulnerable populations like seniors and people in quarantine, but also healthcare workers and other essential workers working round the clock.

At stor.ai, our mission is to empower grocery stores, both in-store and online. We are busy partnering with supermarkets and grocery retailers to get their e-commerce operations up and running in a matter of days. Thanks to our end-to-end AI-powered platform, we enable businesses to seamlessly integrate all aspects needed for their online grocery operation – Branded Website, Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, Automated Warehouses, Delivery Solutions, and more.  stor.ai (FKY Self Point) also boosts efficiency by 50%+, with Specialized AI, Pickup and Delivery Software, Robotic Micro-Fulfillment, Best-in-Class Multi-Order Picking, and Advanced User Experience for an End-to-End Digital Commerce Solution.

The increase in interest we’ve seen from grocers since the start of the pandemic has been staggering. To give you a sense of the scale of what we’re seeing, over the course of 2019, we demoed our solution to an average of eight merchants per month, with an average of three new groceries onboarded to our platform, per month. Since the start of the pandemic, we've been delivering 100 demos per month, and we’ve onboarded 23 groceries per month.

Perhaps even more telling is the increase in business that merchants using our ecommerce platform are experiencing. Since the coronavirus crisis began in earnest in March 2020, Self Point-powered online groceries have seen 286% year-over-year growth in transaction volume.

Almost overnight over 150 grocery businesses have started offering their customers an e-commerce option. This is enabling enterprising grocery store chains and supermarkets to capitalize on the growing demand for online grocery services, while also helping them reduce in-store staff’s exposure to the health risks of the coronavirus.

What has enabled them to make this transition so speedily and seamlessly? The answer is Self Point’s quick-to-deploy platform. By using our best-in-class End-to-End Digital Commerce Solution, with our top global POS and fulfillment partners, dozens of grocery retailers have gone digital - receiving online orders and relieving their frontline employees. Success has been quick in coming too, with many online stores registering a 300% increase in traffic and profits virtually overnight.

Today, enabling consumers to shop for grocery supplies from the safety of their homes has never been more critical, and we are proud to play our part in helping grocery retailers to keep us all safely supplied during the crisis. When life returns to normal, we will continue to help our customers create even better shopping experiences for their customers.

If you operate a grocery or supermarket chain in Israel or the United States and wish to grow your sales with an End-to-End Digital Commerce Solution, contact us for a demo.