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The digital and physical shopping worlds are merging and your eCommerce strategy should reflect that

eCommerce is the "easy" part. Making that an experience that drives loyalty, puts the customer relationship first and makes you more efficient is priceless. Own your brand, data, and relationships with the most flexible, customizable and intelligent commerce solution for your stores whether you have one location or thousands.

You cannot afford not to be online in the right way


Digital grocery sales by 2025 (USA)


of consumers polled report being comfortable uspolled report being comfortable using digital and online tools to help with food shopping.


Online Sales Penetration (post-COVID-19) on track to exceed 300% increase..

Take Control of Your Digital Future and Your Customer Data

Efficient Online Presence:

Time is money! you simply can’t afford not to be online in the right way any longer. Whether you have only a few stores or operate hundreds of locations, enables you to implement your branded, omnichannel strategy in no time.

Infinite Scalability: From 5 stores to 500 stores

Since 2014, we have partnered with our clients to develop all the features you need to have the ideal customer experience, opportunities for growth, and keeping your data just that, YOURS. With STOR-AI, it is only a matter of launching your stores online, training your personnel, and utilizing the AI and BI tools we provide to grow your business quickly, and profitably.

Stellar User Experience: Built for Conversion

Your website will generate 150% larger basket sizes than your in-store baskets. Our client's ecommerce websites have won awards for having the best user experience and interfaces, and our customers see substantial growth in their basket size!

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With over 300+ retailers utilizing our robust platform already, which is enabling the transaction of hundreds of millions of dollars and fulfilling millions of orders, we’re no start up, and we are here to support your business and growth, regardless of whatever size you are now - or aiming to be. Don’t delay any longer, use the form below to set up your demo and see what you are missing today! gives you the power and simplicity to create your best online presence - Seamlessly and Efficiently! is a full service eCommerce platform for grocers, enabling overnight online presence, infinite scalability, stellar user experience, and new ways to help increase revenues.