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The digital and physical shopping worlds are merging and your eCommerce strategy should reflect that

eCommerce is the “easy” part. Making that an experience that drives loyalty, puts the customer relationship first and makes you more efficient is priceless. Own your brand, data, and customer relationships with the most flexible, customizable and intelligent commerce solution for your stores, whether you have one location or thousands.

You cannot afford not to be online in the right way


Projected Digital grocery sales in U.S. by 2025. This is up from $35 Billion pre-pandemic and approximately 21.5% of the total volume of sales


of consumers polled report being comfortable using digital and online tools to help with food shopping and most stating they plan to continue using online.


Is the average Online Sales Penetration growth since the beginning of 2020. The percentage of business is expected to double again by 2025

Take Control of Your Digital Future and Your Customer Data

Efficient & Effective Online Presence:

You simply can’t afford not to be online in the right way any longer. Whether you have only a few stores or operate hundreds of locations, you need to own your customer experience data and build your brand – it is important to your future as online continues to grow.  We enable you  to implement what you need quickly.

Scalability: From 5 stores to 500 stores

Since 2014, we have partnered with our clients to develop and add features based on best practices and AI and BI data.  Everything is based on trying to create your ideal online customer experience, provide upsell opportunities generating larger basket values, enabling real time customer communication during the processes, and keeping your data just that, YOURS.

User Experience Built for Conversion

Data shows well built eCommerce websites can generate a significantly (up to 50%) larger basket size than your typical in-store baskets do especially as you use all the upsell and marketing features.


It’s Time to Take Control of your Online Presence

With over 300+ retailers utilizing our robust platform to process over 2 million orders and  hundreds of millions of dollars annually,  we are aggressively attacking the global grocery marketplace.  We have locations in U.S., Europe, Canada, GCC, and Israel all benefitting from our platform.  We can support your business, digital transformation and next generation of customer relationship and scale with you. Shedule a free demo today

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