Digital Merchandising

If we were to define digital merchandising for you, it  involves all promotional activities used to sell a product online. It is a very big part of the customer experience and if you think about it as a “big picture”, it can include everything from the visual product display, through digital marketing efforts during the customer shopping experience through promotional marketing efforts and of course overall site performance (clicks, conversions, upsells, etc).

Digital Merchandising Powered by AI

As grocers know, merchandising is very key to product sales in the store.  The same is true for your online experience.  How you present your products can control a lot of what happens with sales and the customer engagement.  Our digital merchandising is powered through AI and learning algorithms to be focused on the customer’s account, preferences and history when they shop.  What this allows is for you to continually uncover hidden merchandising opportunities that combine products, visitors, and their preferences.

You create a better customer experience because they feel like you are paying attention to their needs and understand their preferences with what you highlight and present to them.  You can also choose to highlight a particular product (say one that you need to move inventory on), or a particular brand (such as your white label products or a CPG brand who is co-op marketing with you or even paying you for space).

You can provide call out ads right in your product listings and even embed videos on these pages to help your digital merchandising stand out. The sky is the limit with the platform and you have a whole arsenal of tools for your digital merchandising efforts to make sure your brand creates unique, customer based, shopping experiences that your customers will love.  The more you do, the more you will be able to analyze and help you build positive experiences that grow your cart values and get smarter with every online shopper.

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