Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers About our Platform

Your can have the insights you need from a single location to your whole enterprise from the real-time dashboards as part of our picking and fulfillment solution

Our app and dashboards will relieve those and provide additional efficiencies

These are not all of the questions we know you will have with regards to our platform and how you can use it and benefit from it.  Hopefully these FAQs will provide enough information answer the most common questions and encourage to want to ask more. Every client we have is slightly different based on their store structure, needs, size and integrations needed.  We would be happy answer any questions you have that you do not find and provide a demo and/or presentation based on what you are looking for.

Picking and Fulfillment FAQs

Can I use this solution with a different ecommerce platform?

Yes, this can be used as a stand-alone solution if you feel your ecommerce is exceeding your needs currently.

How are substitutions handled with your collection app?

We have multiple method available that make this very efficient. Such as replace with something was bought by customer before. And we can let the picker know if it is in stock just not on the shelf so they can look for it if they want.

Do you have real time communication with customer during fulfillment process?

Yes, you can text, email or call the customer if needed during this process.

How do you handle weighable items?

We can embed the bar codes or used network-enabled scales.

What kind of information is available on my pickers and orders?

We can provide productivity by picker including accuracy, speed (UPH), substitutions, and allow for all employees to even see how they rank if you desire.

What kinds of reporting can I get?

We can report live at store and enterprise levels so you can look at your team across all stores and evaluate from a bigger picture with the above data by picker?

How do you handle “last mile”?

You can do whatever you want to do with staffing for picking and fulfillment based on your business. It is very common that grocers will find someone for last mile only when they have a platform such as ours. We can help you with delivery – which will make this a more “turnkey” solution if that is what you need but we allow connections to outside services.

How do you handle labeling for delivery?

We have integration with third party providers to automatically handle that by itself.

What Picking Modes do you have?

Single Order, Multi-Order, Zone/Batch Picking.

Do you have Integrations with planograms and/or store mapping?

We work with each store planogram to help determine what picking routes and set up makes the most sense for each store. Our dashboards will help you monitor effectiveness, UPH performance and make it something you can constantly improve as you use the app.

Are there automation integrations to things such as Microfulfillment centers?

Yes we can work with you on this based on your specific requirements.

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