Personalization with Real Time Customer and Internal Communications

One of the biggest issues for picking is communication with the customer.  We allow your pickers to have real time dialog with a customer during the picking process to aid in substitutions and accuracy during your picking process.  You can use text or calls during the process to aid in your efforts.

Our picking solution reduces wait times and increases accuracy due to communication abilities

Your pickers are also supplied with common and popular substitution suggestions to help with this process and can use that specific customer preferences to help pick the right solution.

With this communication, you can also offer upsells and sale items to the customer as the picker moves through their order.

From an internal standpoint, when one of your pickers starts an order that has items from your full service departments (such as meat, deli, bakery, or other specialty departments), those departments receive real time communication that the picker is active with the order prompting them to prepare those items.  When they are ready, the department can notify the picker to stop by and get those items. This saves time for your picker by not having to wait and this allows your departments to produce orders when they have available time.

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