Our Dashboards will Help You Find Your Problem Areas

Your can have the insights you need from a single location to your whole enterprise from the real-time dashboards as part of our picking and fulfillment solution

Real-time dashboards showing productivity, scheduling, accuracy and more

One of the biggest difference-makers for any organization and creating efficiencies is that ability to see and analyze data.  We know that picking and fulfillment is an area where many grocers struggle so they have tried to solve that by just outsourcing this part of their digital commerce solution.

Most that have not gone the outsource route have struggled to be able to reduce bottlenecks, increase their units-per-hour (UPH) their pickers can achieve and make it profit center.

Our Solution Provides

  • Store and HQ level dashboards
  • Supports management by exception such as expected delays and product availability levels
  • Full control of picker productivity and scheduling
  • Gamification between picker team members for productivity and accuracy
  • Understanding of substitutions by picker, accuracy by picker and other important information driving your customer satisfaction

Our app will provide improvement for your store(s) just from the data our dashboards provide you to and you will be able to identify potential issues and take corrective action – as well as have an example to “model” with what works best by seeing all this information.

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