Grocers Harness Technology to Stay Competitive

Our own Mendel Gniwisch was recently in Food Logistics talking about how technology can help grocers stay competitive with the new digital world and what you can do to elevate your online presence. Some of the main talking points were:

According to Incisiv’s 2020 Grocery Digital Maturity Benchmark Report, online shopping will account for 21% of the total grocery retail market by 2025 – a share that’s about 60% higher than pre-pandemic forecasts had suggested. Even as the economic reopening proceeds apace, many consumers aren’t about to sacrifice the efficiency and convenience that e-commerce provides.

You need to elevate your presence through:

  • Personalization and creating authentic customer experiences
  • Holistic end-to-end solutions designed around your customer
  • Keep it simple – Your navigation and appearance make a difference

Mendel also mentions that digital transformation is a process.  Always be learning from your data, results, customers so you can make your relationship with your hard earned customers stronger and more loyal to you.

If you are interested in finding out more about how technology and the right end-to-end platform can help your business – please contact us and we will be glad to show you how you can make your digital transformation one you own and one that is profitable.