individual Engagement

Our robust targeting and personalization capabilities allow you to engage each customer with offers, promotions, products and content that matter most to them.  ML algos, automation and omni-channel delivery let you effectively set it and forget it… right offer, right customer, right time.

Targeting Automation

Acquisition, Retention & Expansion

Our targeting engine delivers automated, recurring programs, behavior-based triggers and multi-touchpoint journeys, even location-aware offers, all based on key customer strategies that drive sales and grow loyalty.

The demands of retail are fluid, so you can also easily set up “drop-in” offers, spend promotions or content widgets using our Workbench promotions management tool.  These can be mass, localized for a store, or targeted to individual customers and delivered via email, push, sms, web, and app.

Personalized Engagement

Personalization Elevated

Our platform is built to deliver a localized, contextualized and personalized digital experience for each customer.  We deliver real-time recommendations, personalized savings, and individually curated content across all channels and customer touch points. 

Leveraging robust product and customer health attribution, we are reimagining what personalization means with individually curated offers, search results, content and product suggestions based on each shopper’s dietary and lifestyle profile.  Our platform is built to connect all the ways each customer can engage and shop with your brand.

Media Monetization

Retailer Controlled

It’s your data and your digital properties. gives you the power to control how you market and monetize your data and digital space throughout your branded ecosystem.

Shopper marketing “widgets” give you dynamic control over product, content, promotions and ad placement on web, app and email.  Boosting capabilities with search and page presentation allow for featured product placement. Our targeting and individual-level tracking capabilities, add even more effectiveness and monetization value to your shopper marketing efforts.

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