Local Fulfillment – Your Secret Weapon

Our CEO – Orlee Tal is part of the Forbes Technology Council and she recently wrote this article for them about how local fulfillment is a way for local retailers to compete with the big chains and Internet giants. Below are some of the main points of that article.

Fulfilling grocery orders from such stores can enable retailers to swiftly scale up in-store capacity and ensure same-day delivery for shoppers without relying on off-site distribution centers that are expensive to operate and add time to order fulfillment. This model also improves stores’ margins by cutting delivery costs (or even eliminating them entirely by making in-store pickup a more attractive option for customers) and shrinks the size of each order’s environmental footprint.

This is precisely what many customers are looking for, and this model offers a promising pathway for retailers to compete against e-commerce giants like Amazon. Indeed, a poll of 1,000 American adults found that 76% would shop locally rather than with Amazon if they could be guaranteed same-day delivery.

Simply put, a local-fulfillment strategy blends the best of both physical and online retail, with undeniable bottom-line benefits for the retailer and the customer alike.

Having a seamless and end-to-end digital strategy as a more local to regional retailer – one where you can control the quality, customer experience, and own your brand can make a world of difference for you long term.  Our solutions are meant to help grocers and retailers to level the playing field and be able to enjoy data and tools once reserved for only the large enterprises.

If you are interested in finding out more – please contact us and we will be glad to show you how you could take advantage of local fulfillment and make your digital transformation one you own and one that is profitable.