Food retailers can use new app to manage orders for carryout, catering and customized cakes

Retail solutions provider Relationshop has launched a new mobile app for grocers to manage orders for carryout, catering, party trays and custom cakes.

Shoppers’ parallel interests in online ordering and dining and entertaining at home spurred the development of this new app, which is part of Relationshop’s “Connected Commerce” digital suite of services.

“Now, more than ever, it is critical that retailers capitalize on every possible opportunity to engage with their customers. Shoppers have more choices and are more discerning than ever before, so these interactions must make shopping easier, more convenient and more valuable if you want to build loyalty among the new generation of shoppers,” said Randy Crimmins, president/chief customer officer of Magnolia, Texas-based Relationshop. “We’ve designed our platform and user experience with this foremost in mind.”

According to Crimmins, the platform allows food retailers to control customer engagement and interactions, differentiating it from a third-party marketplace service. All commerce applications can be configured by store, allowing retailers to tailor services based on what a particular location can support. Users only see services available at the store they shop.

The fully integrated solution for grocery carryout, catering and customized cakes can be used with native iOS and Android apps as well as a mobile optimized web app.

According to company information, Relationshop’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is designed to provide retailers with the ability to engage customers with targeted offers and promotions, relevant content, personalized recommendations and a contextualized mobile and web experience based on how each customer shops — online or in store. Now in its fifth generation, DXP first launched in 2011.