Teams Up with F5 to Provide Grocery Retailers with Advanced Cybersecurity Capabilities

New partnership will allow to offer grocers Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities to secure e-commerce platforms and prevent cyber attacks quickly and seamlessly

New York – September 13, 2022 –, the end-to-end digital commerce solution for grocers, today announced that it has teamed up with F5, a leading multi-cloud application security and delivery company, to equip grocers with advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities to protect grocery e-commerce platforms and add a secure application-layer firewall. Through a combination of machine learning, intelligent threat detection, and deep application expertise, grocery retailers using’s platform can now deploy advanced protection mechanisms to safeguard their e-commerce solution against potentially malicious attacks quickly and seamlessly.

Grocery e-commerce platforms have become a critical target for attackers as the data they amass typically contains large quantities of personally identifiable information (PII), which is deemed invaluable by attackers seeking opportunities to exploit existing vulnerabilities. However, many retailers have historically lacked the means to implement advanced cybersecurity capabilities, whether due to excessive costs, insufficient technological expertise, or lengthy onboarding processes. In addition, retailers have traditionally not had an end-to-end solution enabling them to integrate cyber defense within their existing e-commerce platforms.’s collaboration with F5 fills that gap and enables retailers to build e-commerce and cybersecurity capabilities in tandem. The benefits include a built-in integration, reduced implementation time, lower costs, and seamless updates of code and infrastructure so that there are no disruptions in the grocers’ ability to run their business.

Leveraging F5 Distributed Cloud WAF capabilities, will now be able to provide grocers using its digital solution with the ability to protect their e-commerce solution from attacks before bad actors can enter their infrastructure. Moreover, these WAF capabilities ensure that legitimate traffic is not compromised by automatically reconfiguring requests in real-time without human intervention. The WAF monitors each request the application receives and the corresponding response of the application along with all the junctions where users interact with the application. This approach helps identify any suspicious and malicious activity, deterring hackers, minimizing the risk of data leaks, and preventing any kind of damage.

“The acceleration of digital transformation during the pandemic and the proliferation of grocery e-commerce have increased the scale and scope of threats that companies in this field are facing,” said Gilad Globen, CTO, “We are thrilled to be partnering with F5 to offer a best-in-class cybersecurity-as-a-service as we are committed to helping retailers set effective, secure parameters to keep systems protected at all times. With F5’s Distributed Cloud WAF in place, retailers can safely maintain their online presence, reduce the threat of theft, protect their bottom lines, and offer enhanced security to their most valued partners—their customers.”

“Cybersecurity is in a constant state of evolution, and we are proud to be innovating with companies like to keep a focus on the customer experience rather than potential security threats and complexities,” said Ankur Singla, SVP, Security & Distributed Cloud Product Group at F5. “WAF capabilities are a powerful tool to help mitigate exposure to vulnerabilities and with a growing number of sophisticated cyberattacks affecting an ever-expanding range of verticals, companies must equip customers with application protections as a necessary means of growing and safeguarding their business.” was founded to assist grocers’ digital transformation needs by combining digital customer engagement across all touchpoints into one platform. Previously, online grocery shopping had developed separately from the in-store experience, resulting in a fractured shopping experience characterised by disparate digital touchpoints. From personalised e-commerce to optimised picking, supports grocers seeking to evolve their customer experience while maintaining ownership of their data, brand, and customer loyalty in the new digital era.

The partnership with is supported by F5’s local distributor, Zebra Technologies, with additional support coming from F5 Platinum Partner, Oasis Communication Technologies.

“The project allows to provide its customers with an end-to-end service, with advanced cybersecurity, that can be managed with both speed and simplicity,” said Adi Arviv, Channel Business Manager at Zebra Technologies.

“The ability to provide security services on-demand, in a variety of environments and infrastructures, gives tremendous added value, as well as the ability to offer additional F5 services in the future. All of this is underpinned by the world-class support services provided by Oasis Communication Technologies. Together, we’re enabling maximum business value and a platform for further innovation.”