Unlock revenue growth in your perimeter and food service departments, while also enhancing the overall experience for your customers with the convenience of Mobile Order Ahead. Many grocers are still relying on an antiquated in-store order process or utilizing their same ecommerce solution for their catering and food service business. However, the reality is that prepared food and party trays are a completely different beast than the standard ecommerce experience of adding packaged products to a shopping cart. That’s because shoppers want the ability to customize their cakes and sandwiches, as well as have the convenience of ordering in advance whether a special weekend event or weekday dinner.

Another common struggle for grocers is how to effectively manage custom food service orders:

  • How do you fulfill an order assembled from multiple departments?
  • Each store is different; can you configure your offering specific to each location?
  • Can menu options be managed/edited in real time if there are no more pickles?

Join industry veteran and former VP of Marketing at United Supermarkets, Randy Crimmins, to discover how your grocery chain can raise the bar with mobile order ahead!

Lynn Petrak

Senior Editor Progressive Grocer

Lynn Petrak is senior editor with Progressive Grocer and a veteran of the food retailing industry with nearly 30 years of experience. Lynn is well-versed in all aspects of the industry and has also contributed to brands including Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, Meat & Poultry, Dairy Field, Farm to Plate, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer and Store Brands. Lynn also held key communications roles with dairy and beef trade associations.  She has also taught journalism classes and earned a journalism degree from Northern Illinois University in 1991.

Randy Crimmins

Chief Strategy Officer

Randy Crimmins, Chief Strategy Officer, Stor.ai, a Relationshop Company has 25 years experience in retail marketing with a specialized focus on helping companies leverage technology, data, and insights to drive customer-centric marketing, merchandising and operational practices. Extensive background in loyalty program design, unified digital engagement and commerce, segmentation and targeting, and personalizing interactions throughout the shopper journey. Unique understanding of both the strategic and technical requirements of leveraging individual shopper data, integrating digital technologies and blending online and in-store environments to provide the highly personalized, seamless and connected experience that today’s consumer demands.

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