Online Ordering with Catering, Cakes & Carryout

Order Ahead

Don’t miss sales opportunities with our Catering, Cakes & Carryout Order Ahead module.

This isn’t just an online ordering tool; it’s your chance to tap into new revenue streams and provide convenience for your customers — which is exactly what they are looking for. Our platform lets you offer online ordering for everything from party trays to pizzas. Intuitive order management for your store teams ensures you’re always ready to rescue your customers from hunger. Embrace the future and expand your reach with our Catering, Cakes & Carryout Order Ahead module.

Customer Benefits

  • Online/App ordering available 24/7/365
  • Build Personalized Cakes, Pizzas & More
  • Order Ahead for Single-serve and Multi-serve Meal Options

Retailer Benefits

  • Easy setup and in-store operation
  • No integration with other systems needed
  • Easily manage orders, payments, inventory and more
Shopping Made Easier

Our Seemless Online and OnApp Ordering System is Simple and Easy to Use.

The online ordering system allows customers to place orders through a web interface or a mobile app. This system is designed to be user-friendly and responsive to ensure a seamless ordering experience across different devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, and desktops). Customers can easily browse through the available products and catering packages, select items, customize their orders, and add them to their cart.

Catering Packages:

The system supports multi-serve catering packages, which are designed for larger parties and events. These packages may include items such as party trays, holiday dinners, family-style meals, and more. Customers can easily select these packages, specify quantities, and add any additional customizations or special requests.

Ordering Options:

In addition to catering packages, the system also allows customers to place single-serve orders for items like pizzas, sandwiches, and other individual menu items. Customers can customize their single-serve orders based on their preferences.

Responsive Web and Mobile App Versions:

To accommodate the growing trend of mobile device usage, the system includes both responsive web and mobile app versions. This ensures that customers can access the ordering platform regardless of their preferred device, and the interface will adapt to provide an optimal user experience.

Build Cakes, Customize Pizzas, Sandwiches, Holiday Meals, Party Trays and More!

Stor.ai’s versatility, responsive design, and seemless integration ensures a smooth user experience for both customers and store teams.

Management Made Easier

Easily manage orders, payments, generate reports and more.

The backend of the system provides a robust admin order management capability. This allows the catering business to efficiently handle incoming orders, process payments, and track order statuses. The admin panel enables the store team to view and manage all orders, update order statuses (e.g., confirmed, in preparation, out for delivery), and generate reports to track sales and customer preferences.

Tablet Version
for Store Teams

The system provides a dedicated tablet version for store teams to manage orders efficiently in a physical store setting. Store team members can view and update order statuses, manage inventory, and communicate with the kitchen for order preparation.

Standalone App

The system can be deployed as a standalone application, meaning it can operate independently without the need for integration with other systems. This allows for easy setup and operation for the catering business.

Simple Product Setup with
Images, and Metadata:

The client, i.e., the catering business, is responsible for providing all the necessary product details, images, and metadata. This includes menu items, descriptions, prices, images of dishes, catering packages, and any other relevant information needed for the online ordering platform.

This is your time to tap into new revenue streams and provide convenience for your customers.

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